(It's my way of saying ‘hello’.)

I am Dana Dinh, an alumna from the York University/Sheridan College Joint Programme in Design. I was also an Arts, Media, Performance, and Design (AMPD) Student Ambassador and Mentor (a job I really enjoyed!), Design Student Association Member, and also a NATS AID tutor for Understanding Food and Food, Science, and Technology.

My design interests are branding and identity, communication design, and web design. However, I do not like to restrict myself to these specialties as I believe that it is important for me to take risks and go out of my comfort zone. To be quite frank, it can be pretty boring to stick to tried paths at times!

I also dabbled in brush calligraphy and handlettering. These days, they are mainly done in my bullet journal.

As of October 2022, I am a graphic designer at Avid Apparel.

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