Black Creek Pioneer Village App

Mobile, Web


I have worked alongside with Yanchao/Shawn Hao, Julie Barkun, and Candice Lin throughout the 4 months.

Black Creek Pioneer Village has long been a place for children and their parents. This is about to change with the addition of wanting to target young adults – especially those who have yet to become parents. In order to reach out to the new audience and ensuring that they come back repeatedly, a team of four young adults/designers (Yan, Julie, Candice, and myself) was formed. Here, we have developed an app that addresses these problems. The key feature of this app is a quiz that tests the knowledge of the user based on the workshop that they have done. In the end, they are given a discount for future events – one way of encouraging users to come back. Accessibility is of utmost importance in this app too in a form of providing icons to supplement the menu and ensuring that it is cross-platform (from iOS to Windows phone).

You can view the live prototype at Julie Barkun's website.


Adobe Illustrator CS6

Adobe Indesign CS6

HTML/CSS and JQuery (well at least for Julie and Candice)

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